Lesson Planning - History

Over the past two years we have studied several ancient European and Asian peoples including;

- Sumarians
- Assyrians
- Hittites
- Babylonians
- Marsh Arabs
- Persians

Our studies have been completed with a few other families and I'm not sure if we will continue with the co-op or not. If the co-op continues I plan to participate which could change my topics significantly. But that's alright........ because I'm flexible. Here are my plans as of today.

This year we plan to continue watching documentaries, reading and doing projects while we study India and Egypt. That's as far as I've gotten. After India and Egypt I'm not sure if we will jump into the middle ages, study Russia, Japan and Korea or do something different.

How do you plan to study history this year? Have you selected resources? Please grab a button and link-up and be sure to visit over the next few weeks for more lesson planning link-ups.

May 16 - Lessons Learned from 2012/13 
July 11 - Writing
July 18 - Math
July 25 - Science
August 1 - History
August 8 - Music
August 15 - Art
August 22 - Handicrafts
August 29 - Geography
September 5 - Foreign Language
September 12 - Reading
September 19 - Organizing your Classroom/Schedule




  1. I can't wait to see your history topics unfold. They are always amazing. I think I have pinned everyone at least once.

  2. I love how you dig into each culture and explore!

    1. Thank you and it's so true, because before studying any of these cultures my knowledge is very little. I learn so much with the kids.

  3. I know what you mean Julie. History is one of my favourite subjects because I love learning with my kids. We're flexible too. Thanks for hosting the link-up.


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