Entrepreneur Books for Kids

When I was a kid my dad helped me organize a coffee stand at my brother's morning soccer games. The stand was extremely successful and I earned a pocket full of money. Before we moved to Germany, I helped my kids set up a soda stand next to a sidewalk packed with teenagers walking to lunch during their break from school. They made a pocket full of money.

The Lemonade War and the Toothpaste Millionaire are two great books to teach kids about business. The Toothpaste Millionaire is about a boy who develops a new toothpaste and then figures out how to produce and sell it. The Lemonade War is about two siblings who compete against each other to earn the most money selling lemonade. Each day they try out new ideas such as giving away pretzels with the lemonade and selling in the center of town.

Lemonade Stand is an iPad app that goes perfectly with these two books. The goal of the game is to earn money by selling lemonade. Expenses for cups, sugar, lemons, ice and signs are subtracted from the daily profit. The player gets to select the price for the lemonade and all these factors along with weather determine the success of the stand.

Neither one of these books can replace the real life experiences of kids selling soda to high school students, or coffee to parents during soccer mornings, but they are wonderful companions for entrepreneur activities. Both books detail different aspects of business and help kids understand a little more about entrepreneurship.


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  1. I've heard good things about both books. Thanks for the recommendation and for sharing your experiences. I'm going to check the books out now. I agree that the books can't replace real-life entrepreneurial experiences but they can be a great place to start. :-)

  2. We love these books, too. The boys have done lemonade stands before, but have not made any money on them. We just live too far out. You have to get a licence to have a stand in public places here.

  3. Selling soda to high school students is certainly a clever idea. I also heard good things about both books but waiting until my 6 year old is a bit older.

  4. Fun! I have lots of fond memories of putting together different kids of stands and garage sales with my friends when I was little. I think we mostly bought from each other, though =)

  5. Kid entrepreneurs shows their talent in school fests with lots of ideas in setting up different stores and gathering kids for their stuffs.


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