Orange Peel Candles

My nine year old son handed my husband an orange peel filled with olive oil and said "Here Dad, light this."

My husband, wondering if it would blow up, said, "What is it?"

My son, "Just light it. It's a candle."

My husband "What's in it?"
My son, "Olive oil and an orange. Do you want to see the video?"
My husband, "Absolutely!"

You get the idea. My son had found this video about making a candle out of olive oil and an orange peel and proceeded to make himself a candle. I'm glad he asked for assistance before lighting it. Well it worked!

This candle is so cool! If the power goes out and there are no candles to be found olive oil and an orange will do the trick. What a fun and quick little project.

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  1. I love this idea! AND it shows how well you are teaching your kiddos to explore the world around them- AWESOME!!!

  2. WOW!! We've got a mega-busy week coming up so I was going to skip science, but I think we could squeeze this in, then light it at poetry teatime!

  3. what a great idea and cold be a neat center piece for a special dinner or something, definitely a conversation starter. Will have to try this when we get resettle...if you don't hear from me it is because the packers arrive today and our computer is packed up.

    1. I hope the move goes well. Maybe you'll get some extra minutes of peace without the computer creating a distraction.

  4. AWESOME! This is SUCH a cool activity! Please share at the After School Linky Party on my blog right now.

  5. How fun. I love that he was inspired to actually try it.

    room 4 imagination

  6. Very cool!

    Thanks for linking this up to The Creative HomeAce Blog Hop. We hope to see you again this Sunday!

  7. Now I want to go do this...... I'm thinking it probably wouldn't work with our super thin-skinned cutie oranges we have........


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