Make Your Own Pinata

The kids decided to make pinatas after reading The Pinata Maker.

The Pinata Maker by George Ancona is an entertaining biography about a man who makes Mexican pinatas the traditional way. I was surprised to learn he uses clay pots to create the cavity. The book details the steps he takes to create a swan and a star pinata.

When I brought home the book The Pinata Maker, the next day my oldest daughter was doing this.

A few hours later my youngest child was doing this.
That's just one thing I love about free time when the kids have time to pursue their own interests. This wasn't a mommy guided activity, but we have made pinatas in the past. This time the activity was entirely kid guided. I have trouble keeping up.

To make a pinata use a glue and water mixture to paste newspaper pieces onto a balloon, paper or cardboard frame. After the balloon is entirely covered wait for it to dry and add another layer. Repeat until there are two or three layers.

Next decorate the balloon with tissue paper or paint. Cut a small hole into the balloon and paper mache and fill the cavity with treats.

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  1. We love that book. I recommend it. And the piñatas are wonderful.

  2. I so love child let activities~! Don't they make you feel like you are getting it right.

  3. I have put the book on our wish list. It looks like something we would love...and to make a pinata afterwards. We once went to a Mexican party and it was fun to see them with the pinata. They were so enthusiastic about it.

  4. We read this book when exploring Mexico - and like you, I was completely surprised at the traditional clay pot for the piñata. I just love that your daughters started making a piñata on their free time! Good for them!

  5. What fun to see that they all decided to make pinatas! The book sounds wonderful. I will be sharing this post.

  6. pinned! great project - I have a big earth pinata around here somewhere that we need to finish painting!!

  7. by the way- my blog was hijacked earlier this month - if you can come by the new digs to support - I would greatly appreciate it! all. those. broken. links. Any older posts you can comment, pin & share are very helpful.


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