Yoyo Dolls

My girls cannot stop making these fabric flowers. So what do you do with 100 of them? You make dolls of course.
Grandma remembered yoyo dolls from when she was a child and helped Jemma to make her own. Recycled clothes and fabric scraps make the perfect materials for the dolls.

She brought her supplies to the hospital and created flowers while waiting for blood test results, and dealing with other medical procedures during her battle with Leukemia.

First two simple feet need to be created. A bead or a sewn, stuffed, small foot shaped piece of material would suffice. Then the yoyo flowers are threaded through a main string.

More are threaded onto the string for arms and then hands and a head need to be added to complete the doll. Attaching an elephant or a cat's head and tail instead of a person can completely change the feeling of the doll. This was a fun project for both grandma and Jemma.


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