Fabric Flowers

From the first flowers they sewed both my five year old and eleven year old girls were hooked. They're easy to make, perfect for a first sewing project and a great way to use up scraps. Grandma introduced my oldest to making these flowers while she was visiting last month. Now that Grandma is here helping us get through Leukemia treatment she has been able to teach Jemma to make them too.

Fabric is cut slightly larger than the template and snapped inside the two plastic pieces. After sewing around the edges the fabric is gathered tight and a button or small rose is placed in the middle to look like a flower.

The templates come in circles, ovals, hearts.... in small and large sizes. I like the solid colored and shiny flowers made from organza fabric best because they stand out and are easy to see, but most types of fabric will work.

Now that my girls are covered with flowers and look like they just stepped out of the garden they want to make even more. The flowers can be used to fancy up purses, decorate quilts, trim clothing, beautify pillows, and adorn headbands.

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