China History Co-op. Week 7: Han Dynasty - The Silk Road

Week 7: We did silk paintings.

Co-op began with a sushi lunch. The kids filled their nori wraps with rice, egg, vegetables and got a chance to roll up their sushi.

Then we learned all about the silk road. The wonderful mom in charge of the week's lesson created a large cardboard map and this little caravan cart. The kids loaded up the cart with silk and men to begin a journey down the silk road. They followed the path in the book The Silk Route: 7000 Miles of History by John Major. At each stop they traded away silk for various items such as carpets, horses and camels to bring back to China or use to continue the journey.

Throughout the journey the blue yarn was taped to the map to represent the path of the silk road.
Then using real silk fabric and special silk paint the kids got a chance to create their own silk paintings.

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  1. What wonderful work! I love the painting! Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  2. This is fun stuff!! I love how all the senses were used. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love these ideas! I love the cardboard interactive map. I am thinking about making some of those this year in our history and geography studies. I also love the silk paintings! Thank you for sharing your brilliant ideas.

  4. I love your map. We're thinking about attempting another papier mache one. We'll see if I've got the energy required to oversee it!!


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