Scythian History Co-op. Week 1: Cookie Maps

Week 1: We made cookie maps.

The Scythians were a group of people that lived north of the Black and Caspian Seas in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Today their land is known as the Ukraine, part of Russia and Kazakhstan. 

They were nomadic people who relied heavily on horses. They were traders and fought their enemies on horseback using bows and arrows. Since they left no written record modern people learn about them through artifacts and writing by others.

The history co-op always starts with a map of some sort showing where the people lived. For the Scythians the map was constructed from sugar cookie dough.
The children began with a paper map. They colored area seas and mountains and then covered their map with a sheet of wax paper.

Cookie dough colored blue for water and green for land was placed on-top of the wax paper in appropriate locations.

After the maps were baked they were painted with food coloring to add mountains and rivers.

Then of course they were eaten.

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  1. I like this idea much better than salt dough maps cause I never now where to store them and my kids won't let me throw them out:) My kids would love to eat their maps, I bet and then storage is no longer an issue:) Great idea

  2. I think there are tons of eatable things you could make maps out of. Recently I came across a story on Japanese mothers who made all kids of creative things from rice, seaweed and other vegetables for their kids to eat for lunch.

  3. What fun mapping activities! Thanks for linking all your great pics and these too!

  4. This looks like such a great activity and the cookie is certainly a motivating hook! Thanks for sharing this on Show and Tell this week!

  5. I love this idea!! It looks so fun, yummy, and educational! I'm featuring it on my PreschoolPowolPackets Facebook page and pinning it--thanks for sharing it at Teach Me Tuesday!!

  6. What a fun idea! I will have to do this with my boys.

  7. That is the coolest map project I have ever seen! Great idea.

  8. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing at Manic Monday!


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