Dragons Forever

Before moving to Germany we were members of a homeschooling group in the States. I chatted away at many park days with one friend in particular before realizing she was a writer. Now she has authored two books.

Dragons Forever - Born to Be a Dragon and Dragons Forever - Blink of a Dragon are two new fantasy books for ages 8-12.  Both books have excellent reviews on amazon and appeal to both boys and girls. It is so cool to have interesting talented friends.


* I did not receive any compensation for this recommendation. I'm just a homeschooling mom who has found many products that I like. If you're interested in the products I recommend on this blog I want to make it easy for you to find them. 
** I am an Amazon associate and receive a small portion of the sales on orders made after clicking in from this site, which I promptly spend on homeschooling books and supplies for my children. 


  1. Wow! That is so cool! I'll have to check these out.:-)

  2. I downloaded these books to my daughters kindle this afternoon and I haven't seen her for hours, she is hooked thanks for the books recommendations, my daughter is a huge dragon fan:)

  3. That's really cool -- I'm going to look into these!


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