Homeschooling - How to Teach High School Chemistry

When it comes to highschool level science classes, many homeschool parents begin to doubt their teaching abilities. Fortunately there are resources available to help teach upper level science classes.

There are two main issues to consider when it comes to teaching chemistry. One is finding the necessary resources, and the second is tackling the material. In addition to finding a textbook and lab kit, building an understanding of chemistry application and the history of chemistry can make the study of chemistry much more interesting. Fortunately it is possible to teach high school chemistry at home, and first year college chemistry as well.

Read the book Mystery of the Periodic Table as a starting point for studying chemistry. It is a story book that explains the history of chemistry and can easily be read by middle school age children and up.

While reading the book The Mystery of the Periodic Table, memorize the periodic table, or at least the beginning of the periodic table. This can be done by listening to and learning the song below. Watch a few seconds each day reviewing and adding on a little more until you know the first few lines of the periodic table.

Life of Fred Chemistry is a high school chemistry textbook with problems. The book follows Fred, a six year old math professor, as he encounters chemistry and teaches chemistry during his daily life. It is entertaining and helps kids to develop a good understanding of the application of chemistry. This is a great quote from the book.... "Johnny was a student, but Johnny is no more, what Johnny thought was H2O was H2SO4."

Life of Fred is one textbook option for studying chemistry at home, but there are several other options. Khan Academy offers free video high school and college level chemistry courses. In addition consider textbooks used by colleges and high schools which can easily be purchased through the internet. Many high schools and college students resell their chemistry textbooks. Since chemistry is a subject where the basic principles don't change, purchasing a second-hand chemistry text book can be an economical option.

For lab work purchase the CK01A Chemistry Laboratory Kit from The Home Scientist, LLC. It comes with just about everything required: tons of small bottles of chemicals, beakers, test tubes and goggles. Also included is a lab manual of high school level experiments.

Chemistry by Raymond Chang is an extensive college-level chemistry textbook. It covers at least two full semesters of chemistry and begins covering organic chemistry at the end of the book. It is intense, but older students can work independently. If your student can get through this textbook, they should be able to pass the CLEP Chemistry or AP Chemistry exam and earn college credit.

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