Free Photo Editing Unit Study

Computer skills are essential to success in our modern world. One way to build computer skills is to focus on a hobby or interest which incorporates computers as a tool. Kids who are interested in photography can increase their photography knowledge and computer skills by learning to edit photos.

gIMP is a free downloadable photo editing software package. It contains common photo editing capabilities such as altering brightness and colors of photos, as well as cropping and rotating. In addition photos can be meshed together, silhouettes can be created and so much more.

Download gIMP, open the software and begin playing around with it. Then watch and read on-line tutorials - gIMP-Tutorials and gIMPpology.

Here are some examples of photo edits that can be done with gIMP.

Custom Photo Album

Once you have edited a number of photos assemble a photo album.

iPhoto or the Walgreens online site are only two of numerous options available to create a photo album.

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