Teaching Kids about Money

What do you teach your kids about money? When my kids were younger we often talked about money. We taught them that every time they earned or received money it should be separated into four containers labeled save, spend, donate and invest. We talked about the differences between loans and credit cards, how much we earn, monthly expenses, interest rates, etc... but I had never seen a comprehensive program for teaching kids about finances UNTIL.

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I found Money Munchkids at a recent homeschooling convention. The program is for kids in grades K-3rd. My kids are a bit old for it, but I was impressed with the product which is a series of workbooks that cover many aspects of money. If you're looking for a summer activity, or a program to teach kids about money check it out.

Here are links to a few other activities regarding money:

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Teaching Kids About Money: Save, Spend and Invest

With many sites on-line it is often difficult to determine who is making money from what and this bothers me. Therefore, I want to be perfectly clear and let you know that with this blog I don't make any money for recommending this product or most of the products I recommend. I do make an extremely small amount of money (about $10/month) if you click and place an order for something I recommend on amazon through this blog. The only exception is the card game Speed! that I developed and the book Johnny's Jelly Bean Tacos written by my husband. I hope you enjoy this recommendation and the others I have made as they have worked well for me and my family throughout our homeschooling adventure.

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