Best International Historical Fiction

By reading my daughter and I have studied many historical topics. Although we often read historical fiction in connection with our history studies, it happens to be a favorite genre of both my daughter and myself. These books are great reads for upper elementary and middle school students, and are excellent for sparking interest in historical topics.

Snow Treasure tells the story of school children in the north who save the town's treasure from Nazi's during World War II occupation.

The Well of Sacrifice
Red Sand Blue Sky (Girls First!)

The Endless Steppe: Growing Up in Siberia
During World War II a family is set to Siberia. This is the story of how they adjust to this harsh land during hostile times.

Viking Adventure
The Vikings discovered America long before Columbus. In this story, a young Viking boy leaves home seeking adventure. Trained for a life of exploration, he is part of a voyage to Vineland.

The Apprentice

The Children of the New Forest
During the time the British kicked out the king, a family of soldier's children are orphaned and go into hiding. Their lives change dramatically as they learn to hunt, cook and care for themselves.

Trapped by the Ice!: Shackleton's Amazing Antarctic Adventure - Shackleton, an explorer, lead an expedition to the South Pole. During his journey the crew suffered many hardships but were able to overcome due to the outstanding leadership of Shackleton.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these titles on the #LMMLinkup this week. I love historical fiction as well.


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