Weekly Sewing

This summer we took weekly sewing classes from my mom.

From purses, to bowls, to pillows and clothes....... if it can be made with fabric, my girls are into it! My mom has many hobbies, and sewing is one of her favorites. Every week she takes sewing classes at local fabric stores and proudly shows us her creations. After seeing her work we are always eager to repeat the projects. Therefore we scheduled a weekly meet-up at her house to sew.

This weekly activity turned out to be great in so many ways. My mom had the opportunity to review each project and teach it to three of us. Teaching the projects helped her to master each new technique. Having a weekly time ensured that we made the time to sew. So often we have intentions of doing something but never get around to doing it. Even though some weeks needed to be cancelled or rescheduled due to other appointments, having a scheduled time helped us to get together. Best of all, it was a fun and easy way to spend time together. All four of us really enjoyed sewing together.

Fabric Bowls with Embroidered Pictures

Small Quilted Purse

We enjoyed sewing together so much that we decided to continue the activity during the school year. We plan to make pillows, skirts, and more.

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