First Eggs

After nineteen and a half weeks my son found two eggs in the chicken coop.

Each breed of chicken has a different average time from birth to the day they lay their first egg. Of our thirteen chickens, my son said the white leghorns would be the first to produce eggs. He was right! He could tell because the first eggs he found were white and White Leghorn chickens lay white eggs. Prior to finding eggs, he had been searching the coop for a few weeks, then on August 7th he found not just one, but two eggs in the coop.

The day he found the eggs, the leghorns were making very strange noises and one was digging like crazy in the pine shavings. After only three additional weeks we were getting around five eggs per day from our flock of thirteen chickens. He sometimes finds them in the nest boxes, sometimes in their roost area and sometimes even on top of the water dispenser. Now every day is like an Easter Egg hunt for my son.

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