Election Unit Study

We completed an Election Unit Study.

During the 2012 election year we spent some time studying the election.

Election Week Lesson Plan
Election Math
Election Books
President Song and Oval Office Craft
Contracts, Loans, Constitutional Freedoms

So when the authors at Silverdale Press contacted me asking me to review their Presidential Election Unit Study, I thought the timing was perfect for a more in-depth study.

The unit contains eight lessons beginning with the primaries and continuing through election day. Do you know the difference between the Primary and the General Election? What does it mean for a state to be winner take all? Which states are winner take all? The eight lessons in the unit explain each topic with a chapter followed by review questions, websites, and activity ideas. There are activities which draw on historical elections, as well as the current election.

The kids learned a lot when we added up the votes from each state and candidate from the primary elections. That way they could clearly see what was needed to win and why candidates would drop out at certain stages when it didn't look likely that they would be successful.Anothe r chapter we enjoyed concerned advertising campaigns and media. There were several references to television commercials of past elections which we were able to find on youtube.

Since the unit was recently written, the material couldn't have been more up-to-date. I found this unit very educational and for $30, with the election right around the corner, the timing is perfect.

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