Easy Peasy at Highhill Homeschool

My son followed Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool.

Last year putting together my son's education plan was extremely easy and worked better than any year before. He completed Easy Peasy Fifth reading, writing, computer and thinking along with Year 4 science, history, art and music. In addition, he did Life of Fred Math, Duolingo German and piano lessons each week.

Easy Peasy is a free on-line curriculum put together by a homeschool mom. She wanted her children to be able to work independently and therefore communicated their work load with them via the computer. Eventually she polished it and made it available for other homeschoolers. She did an excellent job!

The program consists of eight years of study 1-8 each containing language arts (reading, writing, spelling and grammar), computer, and math. In addition, there are four courses of study covering different topics in history, science, art, music and bible.

Year 1 - Biology, Ancient History
Year 2 - Animals, Early American History
Year 3 - Earth Science, Geography and Cultures
Year 4 - Physics and Chemistry, 20th Century History

The reason I think it worked so well for my son is that he has always been an independent learner and Easy Peasy enabled him to work that way. In addition, the way in which the science and history portions of the study were put together really peaked his interest. The reading was interesting to him and the combination of videos, small projects, printing out timelines, and completing small bits really appealed to him. 

Although he had done a lot of writing and reading in the past, I felt he needed some work in Language Arts. His writing was very creative, but he had difficulty with structure. He knew about punctuation and capitalization, but didn't feel it was important, and therefore often neglected it. Over the course of the year I saw great improvement in his finished papers. I'm so happy we tried Easy Peasy with him.

Below are a few pictures I snapped of him completing work assigned by Easy Peasy.

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