Combining History, Government and Economics - Richard Maybury

The single best resource I have found which combines the subjects of history, economics and government are the Uncle Eric books written for children by Richard Maybury.

Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career, and Financial Security (An Uncle Eric Book)
Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? A Fast, Clear, and Fun Explanation of the Economics You Need For Success in Your Career, Business, and Investments (An Uncle Eric Book)
Whatever Happened to Justice? (An Uncle Eric Book)
Are You Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused? (An Uncle Eric Book)
Ancient Rome: How It Affects You Today (An Uncle Eric Book.)
Evaluating Books: What Would Thomas Jefferson Think About This? Guidelines for Selecting Books Consistent With the Principles of America's Founders (An Uncle Eric Book)
The Money Mystery: The Hidden Force Affecting Your Career, Business, and Investments (An Uncle Eric Book)
The Thousand Year War in the Mideast: How It Affects You Today (An Uncle Eric Book)
World War I: The Rest of the Story and How It Affects You Today, 1870 to 1935 (Uncle Eric Book)
World War II: The Rest of the Story and How It Affects You Today, 1930 to September 11, 2001 (Uncle Eric Book)

Reading this series teaches kids how to make decisions that will affect their lives in a positive way. I loved sections of Personal, Career and Financial Security which discussed the benefits of exposure to a variety of experiences such as, school plays and clubs, sports teams and work experience. Teens have the opportunities to learn different skills from all of these activities. Whether training a new employee, to working with another student to memorize lines, to speaking in front of a large audience, to learning to be responsible and show up on-time each day, kids will benefit.

The book Liberal? Conservative? or Confused? explained how different parties try to control different aspects of our lives which they believe will benefit society. What is a liberal and why is the term so confusing? This book explains.

Since I noticed many parallels between Ancient Rome and America a few years ago when we studied the Roman Empire, I was excited to read Ancient Rome: How It Affects You Today. There were three distinct eras of Roman history. There was the Roman Monarchy, The Roman Republic and then the Roman Empire. The book explains how the government changed during each era and how it effected the people. These changes are evident today in American history, but on a much accelerated basis.

Overall, I would highly recommend this series of books as part of a connected study of history, government and economics.

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  1. I only knew about the "Penny Candy" book - thanks for letting me know there are more titles in the series!

  2. Thanks for sharing your plan to study Economics, Government, and History this year. I hope your homeschooling year is the best year yet! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Together on Tuesdays :)

  3. I have not read all of his books, but the Uncle Eric ones we read when I was homeschooling my kids were great. I feel like we learned more from his way of explaining things rather than in regular textbooks. And they were actually interesting to read! Thanks for sharing at #LMMLinkup!

  4. I've heard of Uncle Eric, and now I want to read the books! Thanks for sharing at the #LMMLinkup!


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