Native American Unit Study - Lesson 11: Pow Wow

Lesson 11: We attended an Native American Pow Wow.

Throughout our Native American Unit Study my 8 year old daughter created clothing in the Native American style using modern materials. She is shown below in her completed outfit which includes a Hopi style dress, midwestern style collar, plains style leggings, southwest style bracelet and more. She had lots of fun creating her outfit, so visiting a Pow Wow was the perfect ending to our Native American unit study. (Even if we went to the Pow Wow in the middle of our study. :))

A large drum was placed in the center of the Pow Wow where several men circled and played. Surrounding the drum there was an open area for dancing. Many different dances were performed. Some were hunting dances and special for the tribe hosting the event, but many were open to members of all tribes.

Plains Indians wore fancy bustles made from feathers during ceremonies.

Natives from many tribes carried pouches decorated with beadwork.

Today most Native Americans also have a mix of European ancestry. Although I don't know the history of this gentleman, to me he looked very Native American.

We liked the bells and beads on her dress.

Beaded barrettes handmade were sold at the Pow Wow.

Baskets were also sold as were goods from all over the world. My older daughter purchased a hand made shall from Ecuador as it was a bit cold the day we visited the Pow Wow.

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  1. What a wonderful experience! Sounds like a lot of fun and I just love your daughter's outfit.


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