Norman Rockwell Artist Study

My daughter made a Norman Rockwell style Christmas Card and a Saturday Evening Post magazine cover.

Norman Rockwell created thousands of works of art that make people smile. Our emotions begin to flow just by looking at his pictures. Have you ever jumped off a high dive, or gotten into a fight at school? His pictures seem to capture real people throughout the course of life. When he was only 15 years old he created a set of images for Christmas Cards. Here is a link to many more Norman Rockwell Works of Art.

Activity 1
Since so many of his images seem to tell stories, we took turns selecting our favorites, and created stories to go with the scenes. 

Activity 2
My daughter loves Christmas and couldn't wait to create a Norman Rockwell style Christmas card.

 She began with a thick sheet of paper and acrylic paints and then began painting.

She captured Santa placing a gift under the tree.

Activity 3
To learn about Norman Rockwell we read the book Norman Rockwell (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists).

Activity 4
The Saturday Evening Post is a New England magazine started by Benjamin Franklin. Many of the covers are interesting works of art. Norman Rockwell dreamed of creating a cover for the magazine. Well throughout his life he ended up creating over 300 covers and working as an illustrator for other magazines. We looked at several of the covers he drew and discussed his use of lines, background colors, repeating shapes and ways your eye naturally views his images.

Activity 5
Next, my daughter created her own cover for the Saturday Evening Post.

 She used her Spartan Hello Kitty as a model.

Headline text was added and then changed.

 Background color was contemplated. (Norman Rockwell did extensive studies on color to determine which colors the public liked viewing.)

Red was chosen and her image was complete.

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