Sideways Chunky Yarn Cable Knit Hat

Chunky yarn is a great way to knit hats really fast. This sideways cable knit hat was created using #10-16 circular needles. Inspired by the book One-Skein Wonders, I modified the pattern slightly to make a smaller hat.

It was a very different hat to knit as first a 20 inch long six inch wide rectangle was knit and then bound off. Next, 72 stitches were picked up and knit along the top edge of the hat. Instead of adding an additional 1.5 inches in height to the hat as the pattern suggested, I began decreasing right away. My hat was already 6 inches tall and another 1.5 inches would have made it way too big.

My decrease plan was as follows:
P1 (P8, P2 tog) 7x, P1
K1 (K2 tog, K7) 7x, k1
P1 (P6, P2 tog) 7x, P1
K1 (K2 tog, K5) 7x, k1
P1 (P4, P2 tog) 7x, P1
K1 (K2 tog, K3) 7x, k1
P1 (P2, P2 tog) 7x, P1
K1 (K1 tog, K7) 7x, k1
P1 ( P2 tog) 7x, P1

In addition, the pattern called for an additional 1 inch brim to be knitted by picking up stitches around the base of the hat. I skipped this part as well, as the hat was the perfect size.

Once the hat was sewn up the back it measured 20 inches around and 8 inches high. It is thick and warm.

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  1. Beautiful, I love the colour and I think you were right to modify it as it is the perfect size now.


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