Antonio Gaudi Mosaics

We created Gaudi inspired mosaic pictures.

Antonio Gaudi, from Spain, was an architect who decorated his unique buildings with irregular shaped mosaic tiles. After reading about Gaudi on the internet, we followed this project from Art Escoela.

First a simple animal shape was drawn with a black marker.

Next, the animal was filled with colorful marker created tiles.

My oldest daughter hid a sun and a few houses in her mosaic. Can you see them?


  1. Pretty pictures - a lovely way to explore Gaudí. Have you seen the book "Building on Nature: The Life of Antoni Gaudí" by Rachel Rodriguez and Julie Paschkis? We enjoyed it before visiting Barcelona a few years ago, it's beautiful.

  2. This looks like fun! Thank you for sharing with Mom's Library; this week I'll be featuring you on Castle View Academy. Have a great week!


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