Disassembling Electronics

My son loves disassembling  electronic devices to see how they work. Whenever anything quits working it gets turned over to him.

He has a circuit board collection in his room and now that we have started exploring the Electronic 300 in 1 kit he is making connections. After hooking up the capacitors in the kit, he is recognizing them in the circuit boards in his collection. Electronic chips mounted to the boards now have new meaning.

In the photo above he is examining the circuit board from a VCR remote control. What electronics have your children disassembled?

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  1. My brother used to do this - it's a good idea to keep in mind next time a small appliance or remote control goes bad.

    1. So we're living with my parents right now as we are transitioning from Germany to Michigan. Anyway, they have a piano and there are 4 keys that didnt work properly. After the piano repair man said it would take over a month before he could come here the kids figured out how to fix it. They were so proud and my dad paid them the $85 minimum service call fee instead.


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