Rubber Band Loom iPhone Case

My daughter researched and created her own rubber band loom iPhone case and coin purse.

 My eight year old daughter loves creating with her rubber band loom, but honestly, I haven't had time to encourage her hobby. Therefore, she has advanced almost entirely on her own.

 She saw this tutorial and thought it would make a great gift for grandma. So she watched and followed the steps to create an iPhone case.

 While creating the case, she noted that the rubberbands looked a lot like knitting and purling does with yarn.

 Finished Case

After the iPhone case was complete, she expanded on her knowledge to create a coin purse for one of her friends.

I am continually amazed by what kids can accomplish when given time and space to follow their interests. They can be very focused and motivated.

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  1. That's so cute! I know exactly what you mean. I find it quite humbling sometimes to see what they do on their own. Yesterday I was feeling a bit guilty for not having done any hands-on science for a while, then out of the blue my 10 year old son started talking to me about dark matter and black holes and particle physics and concluded with an excited, "There are so many things to discover! That's why I want to be a scientist." (news to me!) :-)

    I hope you're all having a lovely summer.


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