Bottle Cap Collection

Who needs toys when they have bottle caps? What does one do with a bottle cap collection? What does your child collect?

Here are a few things my son has done with his bottle caps.

Bottle Cap Wreath
Bottle Cap Necklaces
Sorting Objects

Counting, categorizing, comparing, trying to make squares and rectangles (recognizing prime numbers), max - he has over 600 Bitburger, min - he has several unique caps from the local brewery......

Organizing them on the floor lasted three days and involved both of my daughters.

Now the neighbors know my son collects bottle caps so he receives weekly donations. In addition to making a wreath for himself, (See the link above.), he made two which he gave to people who gave him lots of bottle caps.

After organizing the bottle caps on the floor, they were sorted into plastic bags of similar type.

The next step is another internet search for more bottle cap craft ideas.

Check out these great blogs full of educational activity ideas.

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