Remote Control Amusement Park Ride

After completing all the projects in Thames & Kosmos Remote Control Machines my daughter created her own remote control devices.

The kit comes with gears, small motors, a remote control, building pieces and instructions for creating eight different remote control vehicles.

It's a wonderful gift as it makes engineering easy by providing step-by-step instructions in preparation for kids to explore on their own. This is my son's kit, but my older daughter has really enjoyed building with it as well.

At first the small hedgehog at the top fell out as his seat moved up-and-down while Hega Vega the hedgehog drove around. So the baby's seat was redesigned with a safety strap.

This vehicle served as an amusement park ride for two small hedgehogs. It could drive around while the arm spun around a center point.

Once this vehicle was complete, I encouraged my daughter to make a drawing of her design so it could be improved and rebuilt in the future.

First she made a parts list and then created several sketches to document her work.

When I worked as an engineer the drawings were always black and white.  I really like the use of color in her engineering drawings.

Here's a link to my earlier post on this remote control kit for kids.
Make Your Own Remote Control Car

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  1. Wow - I think I just found a birthday present for my son. I really like your daughter's parts list. My husband, also an engineer, does this for almost every project he does around the house.

  2. Dana - This will definitely make a nice birthday gift. It seems your husband is teaching your kids some engineering skills without even realizing it. :)


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