Weaving - One Step Beyond the Basics

We created unique weaving patterns.

The Harrisville Designs 7" Potholder (Traditional Size) Loom Kit is my favorite tool for teaching weaving. When the kids are finished weaving the loops over and under they have a usable potholder to keep for themselves or give as a gift.

Recently, we began creating new potholders with slightly more difficult designs. When patterns are created going over two loops and under one, instead of the basic over one, under one sequence, new and beautiful patterns begin to emerge.

To create this potholder, one blue and then two purple loops were placed on the potholder. Then only greens were woven through the purple and blues. Instead of going over one, under one, the greens went over the purple and then under both blues.

The Map is Not the Territory blog displayed a similar activity which used paper instead of potholder loops as the medium. Be sure to visit for more pattern ideas.

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  1. We enjoy weaving a lot. It needs patience. We cut the piece to make a simple shape to paste later on a cardstock and give it a frame. Thank you for sharing.


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