The History of Modern Art

We visited a Modern Art Museum and also learned how modern art evolved.

I must admit that I've never been a big fan of modern art and have never really been able to understand it. Much of it looks quite simple enough that a child could have created it, and some of it looks as if it was created by spilling paint on the floor. To me, in addition to aesthetic appeal art needs to appear like it was a challenge to create.

A large yellow circle on a black background may look like rising sun, or a glowing ball of fire, but to me, I think I could copy it without too much struggle. On the other hand, I really enjoy geometric art. MC Escher's tessellations are absorbing as are the repeating patterns of eastern art.

Although this piece is three dimensional, it still seems quite plain. I just don't get it.



Well, it turns out I'm not alone in my lack of appreciation for modern art. Enter Prager University. Prager University is a web site which produces short videos (5 minutes or so) designed to make people think. Although I do not agree with several of the videos, there are many I really do like. The topics range from religion to capitalism to how to be happy.

This video entitled "Why is Modern Art so Bad," explains the history of modern art and how it evolved. It was actually quite interesting, so if you have 5 minutes why not watch it?

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