Perimeter Activities for Kids

Day 6: Distance - Perimeter

Perimeter is a special type of distance measurement that simply means the distance around. In geometry there are formulas to determine the perimeter of common shapes like squares, rectangles and circles. Learning to employ the formulas before the concept of perimeter is understood can create lots of confusion for children. My son is a prime example and needed review.

In this lesson we focused on perimeter. No formulas...... just perimeter.

First the perimeter of Hedgie was measured to be 15 inches.

Next the perimeter of the lake the hedgehogs Vanilla and Snowflake live on was measured. The kids did measure only two sides and determine the answer through calculation, but formulas were not discussed.

Then the perimeter of the lake Snowlake likes to run around was measured.

After measuring the perimeters of lakes, the hedgehogs took a trip to the store and each bough 21 inches of fencing.

The fencing was brought to their homes and used to fence in their backyards.

Each made different shapes.......

..... but then Vanilla tied herself up with the tape measure and math was over.

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  1. What a great way to teach (or review) perimeter! Thanks for the fun ideas =)


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