Geology Unit Study - Geodes

Week 2: We broke open geodes.

Geodes are hallow rocks formed underground. When ground water carries dissolved minerals into hallow cavities, geodes can form. The most common elements found in minerals are silicon and oxygen. When they combine with other elements to form minerals they are called silicates. These same minerals, most commonly known as quartz, are the most common found inside geodes.

We purchased the Discover with Dr. Cool Explorer Geode Science Kit, Set of 7 and broke open the geodes to see the crystals inside.

Pure quartz is made of silicon and oxygen and is hexagonal in shape. When other minerals combine with the silicon and oxygen of pure quartz, variants of quartz such as orange quartz, which are different colors are formed. Several of the geodes contained quartz crystals and the kids were thrilled each time a new one was opened.

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