Central America and Caribbean Island Songs for Kids

We learned songs to help us remember the countries of Central America and the Islands of the Caribbean.

Learning geography can be confusing to little kids as names referring to locations such as Michigan, United States, North America, Colorado, Europe, Grand Rapids, Rhineland-Pfalz, Traverse City, Denver, Germany and Littleton are thrown around. What is the difference between a continent, country, state and city?

My six year old was so confused at the beginning of the year and so we took a big step back, and now geography is making more sense.

After coloring a map showing the seven continents we learned the continent song.

Next we discussed and learned the names of the four oceans. After working on other projects for several weeks a European country map was colored. In addition, the GeoPuzzle Europe was completed several times over the course of a few weeks. 

Proceeding onto North America, rather learning the names of each state, a country map was colored. It was noted that three countries make up the majority of the land.

Since singing worked so well for memorizing the continents, two more songs were learned to aid in remembering the names of the countries in Central America and the Islands of the Caribbean.

Central America Song

Caribbean Island Song

That's two continents down and five more to go. I expect this activity to span the entire year.

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