Caldera Volcanoes, Yellowstone, Geyser Activity

Week 29: We made a geyser.

Did you know there is a huge volcano under Yellowstone National Park? It's not just any volcano, but a super volcano. When it erupts it could create major climate change. The last monstrous eruption occurred 640,000 years ago and covered much of North America with ash and global temperatures dropped. It's erupted several times in the past and someday will again.

How the Earth was Made - Yellowstone - Tracks scientists as they search for clues to the volcano's past. We have made extensive use of the video series for our Earth Science unit.

This short video explains what a Caldera Volcano is and gives a brief idea of the destruction it can cause.

Because there are both water and volcanic activity under the ground at Yellowstone National Park, there are geysers. This video explains how geysers work.

Make Your Own Geyser
This video explains how to make your own geyser.

aluminum foil

 Basically, water is boiled and the steam and water bubbles are channeled out through the funnel



This incredibly simple demonstration was a great complement the Caldera Volcano unit study.

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