Lavender Sachet

Since lavender flowers in August, September is the perfect time of year to make a lavender sachet. Bees love lavender, but moths do not. These sachets make clothes smell good and keep moths out of wool sweaters.

Lavender is cheap to buy, but we had some growing in our yard so we decided to process it ourselves.

 First we cut the flowers and let them sit a few weeks to dry.

 Next we pulled the flowers off the stems.

 This time consuming activity was a fun outside project for rainy days under the overhang.

Next we sewed the sachet.

The sachet is basically a pillow within a pillow, stuffed with lavender. The inner pillow is not required, but is nice for keeping flowers and stems from poking through.

First cut two rectangles, circles, hearts or any desired shape and sew the boarder leaving an opening to insert the lavender. Fill with dried lavender flowers and sew up the gap. Then cut two more of the same shape sewing around the edges with the inner pouch stuffed inside.

This simple craft makes a nice gift and great first sewing project.

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