Best Music Picture Books

Do you have any favorite children's picture books with a musical theme? Leave me a comment below. Here are some we have enjoyed.

Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue - George Gerschwin was a talented musician who knew a little bit about composing music. A friend of his signed him up to create a modern concerto for a festival celebrating American Music. Would the piece be done on time? Would George even agree to compose it?

AIDA is a tragic opera love story written in picture book format for children. When the Ethiopian princess goes exploring she is captured by enemy Egyptians and becomes a slave to the princess. After years in slavery she falls in love, but is soon torn over loyalty to country and love as is her lover.

Opera Cat: When a famous singer gets laryngitis, her biggest fan, her cat, steps in to save the show.
Ty's One-Man Band tells the story of a one legged man who wanders into a town making music. The book is filled with rhythm and rhythm words and gets the reader listening.

Gabriella's Song (Aladdin Picture Books) - Set in Venice, Italy, Gabriella, a little girl puts sounds she hears throughout the city into a song. When others hear her song some think it sounds happy, others think it sounds like a love song and others think it's sad. This book is entertaining and a good way to introduce children to the sounds of major and minor keys.

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