Eating Seeds

We ate a variety of seeds and sprouted a few.

Tomie de Paola is one of my favorite children's authors and I love The Popcorn Book. In the story two boys learn to make popcorn on the stove. A Native American popcorn legend is told and there is a bit of popcorn trivia. Since popcorn is a seed, this book was all about seeds. Of course we made popcorn after reading.

Seeds on Rolls
While learning about seeds we purchased some bread rolls sprinkled with seeds. Among them were;

pumpkin seeds
poppy seeds
sunflower seeds

Coconut Seeds
We ate and sprouted coconut seed.

Being from a northern climate, coconut is not a seed normally on our menu, so it was a real treat when we ate coconut and learned about it being a large seed.

She noticed that as you chew it juice is released. I noticed that it takes a really long time to chew just like other seeds.

My son has been interested in growing different trees and plants and has been asking for me to get him a coconut. After researching sprouting coconut seeds on the internet he told me there are two methods. One is to place the coconut in a bucket of water with a rock on top of it to keep it under water. The other is to place the coconut in a sealed plastic bag with a small amount of water. Both take between two weeks to three months for the coconut to sprout.

Coconuts don't like the temperature to drop below 60 degrees F, so this little seed will likely be stored in the kitchen.

He chose the plastic bag method.

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