Building a Green House

Recommended as part of the Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum, my kids have been delighted by McBroom's Wonderful One-Acre Farm: Three Tall Tales. The unbelievable growing ability of the farm sweeps kids into a fantasy world. It's a great book to read in connection with planting a garden.

My son and husband worked together to put together a green house.  Actually my husband did most of the work, but my son bought the green house, used from a friend, with his own money. His plants were taking up too much space on the windowsill and needed a better home.

First the frames for the four walls were assembled.

  Then they were screwed together to form a rectangle.

Next they modified the roof from a flat roof to a peak. This was very important for the water to run off.

Panels were added and a vent was put into the top corner for summer heat.

Chessie the Horse Chestnut Tree is his favorite plant.

The green house should be the perfect home for his horse chestnut, apple and pine trees as well as his other plants.


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  1. Fantastic! Your son is very patient to be growing trees!


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