Earth Science Unit Study - Formation of the Earth

Week 1: We made almond cookies to show how the Earth was made.

According to scientific theory, the Earth was formed 5 billion years ago from the remains of a super-nova explosion. Some stars grow to gigantic sizes and explode at the end of their life cycles. These super-nova explosions leave behind huge amounts of dust and debris. Eventually the debris orbits a new star. Over time, static electricity holds the tiny bits together. As the bits combine and grow larger in size, gravity between them attracts them to one another. With yet more time, the dust particles can combine to form rocky asteroids, meteors and planets.

The video Birth of the Earth explained the entire process, as well as how the moon was formed. Did you know scientists believe there were originally two moons orbiting Earth?

To simulate this process, we made almond cookies by combining raisins, dates, almonds, walnuts, oats, salt, water and a teaspoon of schnapps in a food processor.

The whole nuts were the star at the end of its life-cycle.

Once the food processor was turned on, the star blew up into tiny bits of nuts that didn't stick together.

Over time, dates and raisins, were added. With the gravity of the food processor, the planets began to form.

With more time and the rest of the ingredients, the planets increased in size.

Ours became one big sticky mass, and needed a little help being formed into smaller planets.

They were rolled together into balls (or planets). - No cooking required.

...... and eaten of course. Notice how the planets are all different sizes.

This is the very beginning of our Earth Science study. I hope you will sign-up to follow Highhill Education by email and continue to visit to see many more hands-on Earth science activities.

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  1. We make a recipe that is very similar to this. I might have to try this variation out. It looks good. :-)


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