Human Body - Week 24 - Muscles

Week 24: The kids located muscles in the body and took turns as physical trainers explaining exercises to target those muscles.

Muscles enable us to move and it is very important to exercise them to keep them strong.

For this week's human body study each child had a list of four muscles. Their task was to figure out where the muscles were, create exercises that targeted the muscles and train the family.

Muscle List
Latissimus Dorsi
Gluteus Maximus

 To identify the muscles my son immediately turned to the computer.

My daughter turned to a book. Both methods worked well.

 He's doing push-ups to strengthen his pectoral muscles.

 The frontalis muscle is in the forehead. She is raising her eyebrows to strengthen the frontalis.

Push-ups with hands forming a small triangle was my husband's idea for strengthening the tricep muscles. It was very challenging.

 He's doing a bicep curl using the chair as weight.

I was surprised by how difficult it was for the kids to connect body movement to specific muscles. By the end I think they got the idea. They definitely learned the locations and scientific names of a few muscles in the body and had some fun doing it.

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