Year Round School

Although I have several friends who have chosen year round school for their children, we have decided to take a long break from school work each summer. For both the kids and myself summer break is essential. We all need time to unwind and pursue our interests full time.

In addition, I remember spending summer days swimming and bike riding. Those are great memories and I want my children to enjoy summer just as much.

Usually after the first week or two of break I'm ready to begin preparations for the upcoming school year. Typically this involves thinking about each child and subject individually and deciding what worked and didn't work over the previous school year. Sometimes the method needs to be altered, or sometimes it's the resource. When a subject/child combo is working, I leave it alone. I select topics for history and science studies and find and review resources for all subjects.

During the school year we still take breaks. We often have the swimming pool to ourselves when we visit as most other children are in school. In the past we have had the opportunity to travel during non-tourist season. Just last week we had our first break of the year and all feel recharged. For us summer breaks as well as breaks during the year are essential.

How do you schedule school throughout the year?

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