Degrees in a Circle - Scratch Computer Program

We learned about math and programming while creating unique and interesting geometric designs on the computer.

My daughter drew these figures using the computer program Scratch. First she watched Lesson 4 - Drawing and then played with Scratch. In this lesson circles were created with simple code which included inputting the number of degrees and steps to go around a circle. For example, if the code in the program said take 10 steps around in 36 degree intervals a complete circle would be drawn since 36x10 = 360 (number of degrees in a circle).

By watching the video and playing with the computer program, kids can learn math and programming skills while creating unique and interesting figures. I love it when they learn and don't realize it!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this resource, Julie. I haven't heard of Scratch before, and am going to check it out now. It looks super!


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