Math Curriculum Not Required

Is math a struggle? Why not ditch the curriculum and play some games?

It's my opinion that using a math curriculum with young children is not required. Learning addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is just more fun with games and real-life experiences and that's the majority of what's covered during the elementary school years.

Skills such as telling time, counting money, estimating, measuring and calendar skills are much easier to understand when they occur in the context of life. For the majority of kids, if they are involved in math related activities they will learn them. Kids are motivated to tell time once they realize that their friends will arrive at 3:00, or they will leave the house for dance class at 4:00. They learn to understand the calendar when looking forward to birthdays and holidays. Measuring is applied with a variety of crafts and they learn about money when they want to buy something from the store. As long as they are doing activities and an adult or sibling takes the time to help them understand time, money, measuring and other skills when questions arise, they will be learned without too much extra effort.

Therefore, just playing math games can go a long way for elementary level math. Once the basics are mastered, decimals and fractions can also be taught with games and experiences.

I've had similar conversations with two different friends recently. Basically I said something like what I wrote above and then listed a bunch of math games and activities. Actually it doesn't take a lot of games. Just a few basics will do. They cover the same skills and repetition is the key to basic math.

  • Uno Card Game
  • War - Divide a deck of cards between the players. Each player flips up a card and the player with the highest card takes them all. Repeat until one player has all the cards. If there is a tie when the cards are flipped up, three cards are placed face down and the fourth card is flipped up. The player with the highest card takes them all.


  • Multiplication War - Same as adding war, but with multiplication.
  • Speed!  
  • Lost Cities
 Check out my Math Page, and these great blog hops for more educational activities.

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  1. I've been meaning to play more number games with C and J. Thanks for the handy list. I completely agree with you about how kids who spend most of their time with adults pick up all the basics naturally.

  2. What a wonderful list of games to learn math! Thanks so much, Julie. I am sharing on my facebook page.

  3. I love this way to learn math. Anything that has even a whiff of the educational about it completely turns my preschooler off. Playing games is the only way to sneak in a little learning with her, and these ideas are perfect!

  4. Couldn't agree with you more. Great ideas for games and activities. Thanks for sharing wth Afterschool!

  5. I agree 100%! We play lots of games in my class. Thanks for sharing at After School!

  6. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing at after school.


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