Math Art for First Graders

Patterns are very mathematical. Creating interesting designs can be a fun way to explore math.

My eleven year old has been creating math art all year and my six year old has been watching closely. She surprised me with her own math art designs. These drawings were created using stencils.

The gaps between the stars form parallelograms. The lines surrounding the center star form a pentagon. Pentagons have five sides and stars have five points.

In this drawing, the center circle is surrounded by six hearts and the hearts are surrounded by twelve circles. There are exactly twice as many circles as hearts.

Other math ideas can be found on our Math Page.


  1. How fun! It always makes me happy when a younger sibling gives something a try because they saw an older sibling do it. It makes me feel like I'm not overwhelming my kids with my personal ideas.

  2. Great drawings - and seeing the shapes is important so creating them by themselves is a great activity.
    Janis Author of Tadeo Turtle - found you on We Made That..

  3. Thanks for linking up! Look like your kids are having a great time!
    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  4. Love this Math Art idea! My First grader will love it. Thanks so much for sharing at Mom's Library!

  5. My son loves drawing abstractly; I think he'd really like doing something like this!


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