Ruffle Brim Flower Hats

My girls decided to sew themselves ruffle brimmed hats decked out with fabric flowers.

Here are the materials required to make a hat like this:
Shiny fabric
Fleece fabric
needle and thread
sewing machine (helpful, but not required)
Clover Round Large Yo-Yo Maker (if flowers are desired)

First they cut two fabric circles the same diameter. One out of the shiny fabric and the other out of the fleece. The finished diameter of the purple hat was 12 inches and the finished diameter of the pink hat was 16 inches. So the circles were approximately 1 inch larger to allow for seam allowance. (12 inches would be a good diameter for a baby. It was a little small for my six year old.)

Next the circles were pinned wrong side together and sewn around the outside leaving a gap so the hat could be turned right side out. Then the circle was closed.

Next the edge was pinned tightly and sewn with a decorative stitch to reinforce the edge.

Elastic was measured around the wearer's head and sewn into place approximately 2.5 inches from the brim.

At this point the hat was finished and could be worn. An elastic strap could be added to help the hat stay on.

The flowers were made with a Clover Round Large Yo-Yo Maker and sewn around the edges. To make the leaves 3 inch squares were folded in half into a rectangle. Then the short ends were folded into triangles to align with 1/2 of the long ends resulting in a triangle. The long end was gathered and stitched to the flower. The pink hat required 7 flowers and the purple required 14.

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