Reed Pipes - Pythagoras

We read Pythagoras and the Ratios: A Math Adventure and then made our own reed pipes.

While working more hands-on math activities into the curriculum, Lucinda at Navigating by Joy recommended the book What's Your Angle Pythagoras. Our library didn't have the book, but it did have Pythagoras and the Ratios by the same author so we requested it.

Although intended as a math adventure, the book could be used for activities relating to Ancient Greece. From making togas, to clay pots, maps of Greece, and types of columns...... We did a Greek Unit Study, so there are tons of activity ideas on my History Page.

Materials required for Reed Pipes:
Drinking Straws

In the story, Pythagoras fixes his friend's reed pipes by modifying the lengths to specific rations. After the modifications are complete, they sound much better and the two boys are able to play music together.

The book explained the ratios between the length and diameter and each pipe.

My six year old was not big enough to do the math work, but she was able to measure the straws to the proper lengths.

Next they were taped together.......

..... and tested. At first she was disappointed, because they didn't make much sound. She quickly learned a better blowing technique and then found dad to show off.

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  1. How interesting - I wish I had come across that book when studying Greece. Love this idea for studying ratios.

  2. I have seen making the pipes before, but I love how you have combined it with Pythagoras and Ancient Greece. I have pinned this for when we get to Greece this coming year. Thank you.

  3. This is a great lesson. I also pinned it for later in the school year. Thank you.

  4. I haven't seen this book - thanks. Great activity, I'm pinning too.

  5. Very cool, I pinned this for Greece for the future. Thanks!


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