Doll Clothes - How it's Made

"My hedgehog need a new dress." That's a frequently heard sentiment in this house.

Creating doll clothes is a wonderful first sewing project for little ones. It's wonderful because they learn a lot about sewing, how clothes are put together and the hard work that goes along with the process. What's more, when they are finished with the first project they are ready to begin more challenging doll clothes.

My five year old constantly watches her eleven year old sister sew clothes for her polar bear and now has advanced another step in her own sewing. She wanted a much more complicated dress for Hedgie and was willing to do all the sewing herself. I helped her cut out the pieces and pin them together, but she did the rest.
For this project she had to put in a lining, sew the shoulder seams, side seams, gather and hem the ruffle. It took several weeks and I'm amazed she stuck with it.

When she finished the dress she created this white fleece dress on her own. She cut two matching pieces and sewed shoulder and side seams. Since she used fleece there was no need for hemming. She did sew on sequence and used glitter glue to line the waist and arms.

For more ideas for a budding seamstress check out my craft page and my older daughter's blog. She writes all about the clothes she has created for her polar bear. There are tons of good ideas.

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  1. Wow! That looks great! Did she do the sewing by hand or with a machine? I was trying to help my daughter do some machine sewing the other day, but things kept getting tangled up. I am not the most mechanically inclined person, and I think I was doing something wrong with inserting the bobbin. We keep meaning to get back to it, but we haven't yet.

  2. Yes, if the machine isn't working properly everyone loses interest fast. This project she did by hand, but she does like to use the machine. We began with sewing kits and very simple project like stuffed Christmas ornaments and just kept increasing the difficulty.

  3. The dress your daughter made is really cute. I love it. And she really has a great potential in fashion industry. Look how adorable the dress she made.


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