Cooking Crepes with Kids

Both times we visited France we have enjoyed crepes from a roadside stand. The kids wanted to see if we could make them at home. We followed a recipe from Rodale's Basic Natural Foods Cookbook, which is an awesome, large book full of natural recipes.

One big trick to making crepes is the planning. The batter needs sit for two hours before it's ready to cook.

They fry up in less than five minutes, but making 20 takes a long time..... 5 min x 20 crepes = 1 hour 40 minutes. Next time I will use two frying pans.

The crepes we ate in France were filled with ham, cheese and/or egg. So that's what we filled ours with.

The egg was cooked on top of the frying crepe after it was flipped over.

They turned out good and I was surprised that my six year old ate two and my nine year old ate four. I thought we were going to have lots of leftovers, but we didn't.

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