Grilled Cheese - Simple but Healthy

Simple but healthy - One of my goals in cooking with the kids is to teach them to make simple but healthy foods that they can prepare on their own. Grilled cheese sandwiches with carrots and cucumbers is a good example of this type of meal.

My daughter could do much of the work herself at only five years old. She spread the butter on the bread, got out the cheese, flipped the sandwich over in the frying pan.........

peeled and sliced the cucumber, and peeled the carrots. I only cut the carrots, cleaned up after her and monitored the stove. My nine and eleven year olds can both prepare this type of meal on their own. Sometimes I will ask them to make lunch or dinner and am pleased when they serve something along these lines.


  1. We don't have "grilled cheese" here in England and I've always wondered how it's made - thank you for sharing! (I know what my 9 yr old will be making for her next lunch :-)) Lucinda

    1. Oh my goodness. I thought everybody had grilled cheese. It's so simple.

    2. To make grilled cheese:
      Spread butter on two slices of bread
      Heat a frying pan to medium-high heat
      Put one slice of bread in pan buttered side down, place cheese on top of bread, place the second slice of bread on top, buttered side up
      Flip over when cheese starts to melt
      Eat when both bread slices are cooked similarly to toast and cheese is melted


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