Ancient Greece History Co-op - Writing Assignments

We have been studying Ancient Greece throughout the school year. In conjunction with our studies the kids have completed many writing assignments on this list, but not all of them. Frequently they were given a choice of topics. Most of the assignments only made it through to a rough draft. Two were polished into final papers.

-    You are a worker constructing the Minotaur’s labryinth – How did you design it? Why did you do it that way? What materials did you choose? Tell what decisions you make. How did you design the maze?
-    You are a potter decorating a Minoan vase – What are you painting? What colors are you using? What happens while you are painting?
-    You are the Minotaur – tell your story
-    You are a painter decorating a Minoan palace – What are you painting? What colors are you using? What happens while you are painting?
-    You are a Minoan trader – Tell about your goods and where you are going? Tell the story of what happens during your journey. Who is with you? What happens?
-    Write an article for a newspaper entitled "Yesterday's Bull Riding Extravaganza."
-    Create a travel advice article for people traveling to Knossos, Troy or Mycenae.

-    Where do you think Atlantis is? Why?
-    If you were an archeologist searching for Atlantis what would you do? Write down your plan and your back-up plan if the first one doesn’t work out.

Trojan War
-    Pretend you are either Odysseus or his wife. What happens after you kick the suitors out of the house and reunite with your wife?
-    Trojan War – You are a soldier inside the horse – tell your story
-    Trojan War – You are Helen – Tell your story
-    You are traveling with Odysseus. Write about one of your adventures.

Greek Gods
-    Make up your own Greek Myth
-    Retell a Greek Myth

Earliest Temples
-    Select a temple and Create a tourist brochure for your temple.

Olympic Games
-    You are an athlete – What is your sport? How do you train? Who are your competitors? What are your chances of winning?
-    You are an athlete – Tell the story about what happened when you met one of the athletes from another city state. How was the meeting? Were you friends for life or mortal enemies?
-    Write a brochure advertising the first Olympics

   Government and City States
-    Is the American Election Process fair? Why or why not? If not, how would you change it?

-    Lycurgus – Select one or two of his laws and write about why you think they were good or bad
-    You are leading a Helots revolt. Tell your story.
-    You are a Helot soldier fighting against the Spartans. Tell your story.
-    You are a Spartan woman making clothes, what kind of clothes are you making? Where do you get the material? Who will wear them?
-    You are a hungry Spartan boy – What do you do and how does it turn out?
-    You are the Spartan Army chef – Write about your day – what will you serve? Where will you get it?

-    You are a worker building the Parthenon. Tell your story.
-    You are a Greek boat builder – What kind of boat are you building? How is it constructed? How big is it? What will it be used for?
-    Make up a story about a pretend disagreement between Themistocles and Aristides.
-    Why was Themistocles a successful leader? How did his leadership skills help him to get what he wanted? Think about how Themistocles got Xerxes to leave the country.
-   Would you prefer to be governed by Themistocles or Aristides? Why?

-   Write about how Greek sculpture influenced the art we have today.

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  1. These are some good writing assignments. :)

  2. Hmm, maybe you should take Merkel's advice by taking a school trip to Greece.

  3. Wow! Great list of prompts! I'm pinning this one for the next time we come around to Ancient Greece. I don't think my 4 yr old could answer any of these questions right now =)

    1. Your 4 year old? I couldn't answer any of the questions before WE - yes, me and the kids - studied Greece:) We all learn while teaching.

  4. You make THE BEST questions! They make me want to write about them. Thank you!


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