Ancient Greece History Co-op - Week 19 - Review

Week 19: We did a review of our Ancient Greek studies and made an Ancient Greek board game.

This was our last week of the Ancient Greek History Co-op. We all know much more about the ancient Greeks than we did at the beginning of the school year.

This week each child had to create their own Greek board game and questions.

 They were each given a file folder and had to decide how to create their games.

I was very impressed with the questions they came up with. Here are the questions from my children and another family in our group.

Who discovered Troy?  
What is the name of the Ancient Greek battle formation?
Who discovered and purchased Knossos?  
What animal was sacred to the Minoans?
What is secco?  
How is a fresco created?
What is a city surrounded by a wall that only has one entrance?  
What is the name of the most famous gate of all of the Mycenaean cities?
What is the name of the legendary king who could change anything into gold with just one touch?   Who discovered the mask of Agamemnon?
What is the name of the most famous Mycenean death mask?  
Who wrote the Odyssey?
Who wrote the Illiad?  
Who was the German architect that examined the site of Troy?
What famous artifacts were destroyed during the excavation of Troy?  
How many layers of civilization were uncovered during the excavation of Troy?
Who was the most beautiful woman that was the cause of the Trojan war?  
Who ran away with Paris and caused a great war?
How long was Troy under siege by the Greeks?  
Who was the leader of the Greek army during the siege of Troy?
Who was the king of Troy during the Trojan War?  
Who discovered Troy?
What is the name of a Greek sword?  
What is a Hoplite’s helmet made of?
What is the name of the Greek hero who became a god for completing 12 deeds?  
What is the name of a Greek soldier?
What is the last letter in the Greek Alphabet?  
Name the 3 branches of our U.S. government.
Beware of Greeks bearing ___________?  
What is the name of the temple dedicated to Athena?
What is the name of the Hero who killed the Minotaur?  
What is the name of the man who stole the golden fleece?
What is the name of a Greek ship?  
What city was the home of the famous Minotaur and labrinyth?
Who was the hero who was shot in the heel?  
What is the first letter in the Greek Alphabet?
What is the name of the Volcano that cause Greek to fall into the dark ages?  
What is the name of a giant wave cause by an earthquake?
What is a favorite sport of the Minoans?  
Where did America find her government?
Who is the head god?  
Who is the father of Heracles?
How old are the Spartan boys when they are sent to training camps?  
Where did Lycurgus die?
Which goddess is the mother of Persephone?  
Where is the most brutal training system located?
Which god screams and bellows when only hurt the tiniest bit?  
What is the oldest Olympic sport?
Where is the workshop of Phidias located?  
Who was the ruler of Athens when the Parthenon was built?
Where do the dead go?  
Who was the brother of Agamemnon?
Where were the first Olympics held?  
Who founded the training system of Sparta?
Who won the city of Athens? Athena or Poseidon?  
Where is the priestess of Apollo located?
Why did Paris of Troy steal Helen of Sparta?  
Which god is the guardian of Atlantis?
What is the oldest kind of column?  
Where is the Lions Gate located?
Where is the Parthenon located?  
Which goddess has no mother of father?
What are the four kinds of columns?  
What did people wear in the Olympics?
What was the punishment if you were caught cheating in the Olympics?  
Which 3 goddesses and 2 gods are the brothers and sisters of Zeus?

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Power Point Slides to go with the lessons - The week numbers are a little off.

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