Ancient Greece History Co-op - Week 18 - Greek Alphabet

Week 18: We learned the Greek Alphabet.

After the Trojan War was the Greek Dark Ages. Not a lot is known about Greek History during this time, although one thing that happened was the transition from the Linear B script to the Greek alphabet.

This week we all learned the Greek alphabet. This version of the Greek Alphabet comes from Math-U-See and is a great memory tool for learning and remembering the letters.


α - Alpha
β - Beta
γ - Gamma
δ - Delta
ε - Epsilon
ζ - Zeta
η - Eta
θ - Theta
ι - Iota
κ - Kappa
λ - Lambda
μ - Mu
ν - Nu
ξ - Xi
ο - Omicron
π - Pi
ρ - Rho
σ - Sigma
τ - Tau
υ - Upsilon
φ - Phi
χ - Chi
ψ - Psi
ω - Omega


  1. Is it bad I learned the first 4 letters from Star Trek?

  2. Oh my word! This is great!!! We are learning Greek in our co-op. Thanks so much!


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